Tools for the localization of Delphi applications

Ethea InstantTranslation Tools

Ethea InstantTranslation Tools is a collection of Delphi classes and tools that support the translation of an application in different languages.
Please read the PDF documentation (italian only - we haven't translated it yet) for details.

Overview of the Translation Tools

The steps required to turn a single-language application to a multi-language one are simple. Only a few changes to the source code are required to enable the translation functions. Then, using the editors supplied in the library, anyone (including an end-user) can translate the application easily and quickly.

Translation Editor

The Translation Editor was created to allow the user to translate the strings in an application without the need for development-related skills and without the need to recompile the application.

The Translation Editor enables a non-developer to make the translations in a simple and intuitive way.

The editor is based on a dictionary that contains already translated terms, which can be reused through different projects. New terms can be added to the dictionaru easily, to have it grow with time.

There's no need to start from scratch with each application to translate. You can always leverage the translation effort already done.

Translation Repository Editor

You can use the Translation Repository Editor to supply translations for all the strings previously exprted from the applications to the Repository.

In order to share the work load amond different people, you can split the Repository in smaller files (see documentation about how to set filters and exports).

Once the work is done, you can merge back the smaller files into the Repository by means of the Translation Editor's Multiple Import feature. This will update all the strings in the application.

Embedded Translation Editor

The Translation Editor can also be embedded in the application, so that a translator/user can start translating single application forms with a single keystroke.

The Embedded Translation Editor has the same user interface as its stand-alone sibling.

The Embedded Translation Editor is linked to the form that opens it, which can be used to pick elements to translate by means of the Pick Object mode. You can then translate a string and see the result on the application's window in real time!

The embedded window contains all the features of the stand-alone Translation Editor.

An example of a translated application

You can translate the Translation Editor itself, as the image below (the Translation Editor translated into english from italian) demonstrates.

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