Open Source Object Persistent Framework

InstantObjects is a suite of Open Source Delphi components to create object-oriented applications based on business objects that can be stored on a database. Ethea uses InstantObjects to create all its applications.

InstantObjects pushes object-oriented programming its highest level, allowing for clear separation of the business logic from database persistence and presentation (user interface).

Ethea is active to maintain updated the InstantObjects OpenSource Project

InstantObjects supports many database engines, both file-oriented and SQL-oriented, such as Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, InterBase, Informix, Advantage Database Server, ElevateSoft DBISAM, FlashFiler, Nexus DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.

Ethea has integrated InstantObjects into its InstantSolutions Framework and built upon it. The framework is able to automatically generate the class definitions in the format required by InstantObjects.

Ethea uses these Technnologies