cross-platform Open Source power

Firebird is an extremely powerful and reliable SQL database engine, accessible by Delphi applications. These features, combined with Firebird's Open Source status, make it free for the end user and as such the first choice of Ethea when a database is needed.

Firebird was born from Borland's InterBase, and it is one of the lighter and more powerful SQL engines. Firebird is ideal also for single-user applications, as it can be installed on the client application's machine and even embedded in the application itself.

Version 2.0 of the Firebird engine, which is even faster, more powerful and more SQL-compliant, is about to be released.

In any case, Ethea applications can work with any database. The data-access technology that we use (InstantObjects) supports a rich array of file-based or SQL-based back-ends, such as: Firebird, MS-SQL, IBM-DB2, Oracle, InterBase, Informix, Advantage Database Server, ElevateSoft DBISAM, FlashFiler, Nexus DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.

Ethea uses these Technnologies