Object-Oriented Rapid Application Development

Delphi is the object-oriented development environment chosen by Ethea for all applications. Delphi makes it possible to create every kind of application for Windows (both Win32 and Win64), OSX, IOs and Android.

Generally our products can be compiled also with the cheaper Professional version of Delphi.

Ethea, through its team members who can boast many years of experience in Delphi development, offers consultancy and development services , component libraries and training.

In order to guarantee high technical level and good robustness in its products, Ethea uses the InstantObjects technology, on top of Delphi, for data storage and business object management.

Moreover, Ethea uses to create documents that are then printed on paper, exported in PDF format and/or sent via e-mail. Ethea has developed a library of components to ease the integration of in every Delphi application.

All Ethea applications that need a database use Firebird SQL as the first choice. Firebird is a cross-platform powerful Open Source RDBMS. Any other RDBMS can be used, for example MS-SQL, IBM-DB2, Oracle, InterBase, MySQL... and more.

Ethea uses these Technnologies