Ethea's mission

Ethea was born out of the need to create software products in a quick and customized way, keeping the costs as low as possible but with an eye on reliability, completeness and ability of integration into existing company workflows.

The reason why a company often doesn't buy a particular software product is that it has a high price tag or it doesn't fit well with the company's needs. Ethea designs and develops both finished products and development tools. All products of Ethea feature high quality and affordable costs.

Quality/price ratio

Every technology-related choice in Ethea is driven by careful attention for the quality/price ratio. For development tools, Ethea looks very often at the emergent Open Source phenomenon, which guarantees cheap and powerful software. Ethea also builds its own tools.

In order to reach the ambitious goal of high quality at low prices, Ethea has developed an efficient and effective tool that helps building business applications quickly and easily. This framework is called InstantSolutions, and it is based upon some of the best technologies currently available on the development tools market.

The same philosophy behind InstantSolutions has now brought us to create the EDW platform. With EDW, Ethea enters the Data Warehouse, ETL and Business Intelligence application area.

Software solutions for everybody

Ethea can create every kind of business application, ranging from single-user applications that don't need central DBMS, to more complex multi-user applications.

By leveraging the strengths of the object-oriented development methodology, Ethea can create every kind of solution, with customized layers for data presentation in application-specific ways. powerful and free office automation

Ethea chose to comprehensively integrate its products with the and LibreOffice technology, mainly for these reasons:

  1. it's free for the end user.
  2. it's compatible with Microsoft Office.
  3. it's available in many different languages.
  4. it can export every document in PDF and HTML format.

Database: Firebird

The ideal data storage platform for Ethea's needs is the Open Source RDBMS Firebird. The reasons for this choice are mainly:

  1. it's free for the end user.
  2. it's cross-platform.
  3. it's as powerful and scalable as most commercial RDBMSs.
  4. it needs very few hardware resources and it is easy to deploy.

Anyway, all products by Ethea can be easily adapted to work with other databases for customers who need it.

Gain visibility on the Internet through leading-edge technologies

With Kitto you can build a modern data-driven web application (Rich Internet Applications) based on a data model that can be mapped onto any database. It was born primarily to address the needs of Delphi Client/Server developers, traditionally left out of the web business.

Ethea S.r.l.

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