InstantSolutions: quick and customized solutions

Ethea has created a sophisticated application framework (that is, an array of libraries and development tools) that allows to create quality products quickly, and therefore cheaply, with a user interface that can be customized and adapted to the customers needs.

InstantSolutions 5 works with Delphi per Win32 (2007, 2009, 2010, XE2, XE3 versions).

InstantSolutions 6 works both with Delphi for Win32 (2010, XE3, XE5, XE7, XE8, 10versions). Other versions are available by request.


ISworkbench is the core tool of Instant Solution. With this tool you can:

- Manage class/objects structure of the application (simple type or References and Containers attributes)

- Build automatically pascal units of business classes

- Build/Upgrade database structure for storage of data

Database support

By leveraging the power of the underlying InstantObjects technology and the data dictionary, applications built with InstantSolutions can store their data on almost any kind of relational database available on the market; additionally, it is easy to change the data access layer for an already built application to suit the customer's needs. Did you build your application to work with Firebird, but the customer needs Oracle? No problem with InstantSolutions. The list of supported database back-ends is constantly growing. Here are some examples:

  • InterBase
  • Firebird
  • IBM DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL

And if your data-access needs are not demanding enough to warrant a dedicated database engine, InstantSolutions can also use plain text files in XML format.

Tools for internationalization of applications

An important feature of the framework is the ability of translating the applications in different languages. Using Ethea's self made localization library every Delphi application can be translated and become a multi-language application.
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Consultancy and support services 

Ethea provides Delphi developers with consultancy services and tools to enable their competitivity in the software market.

Custom products

Ethea provides its customers with  products tailored to their needs. Below you can find examples of different user interface types that you can create easily and quickly with InstantSolutions. The examples are taken from real-world products developed by Ethea.

Modal interface

If your users are not Gui experts, or for end-users in kiosk environments, you can develop a user interface that is fixed and doesn't allow free navigation. This kind of interface guides the user through the needed steps and is also ideal for touch-screen applications. It is the approach of a business application for laundries called RalcoGest:

Multi-window interface

For multi-user business applications, or for advanced users, you can create a multi-window user interface (MDI or SDI) through which the user is allowed to navigate through the application's business objects without restrictions. The most complex procedures are managed through wizard-style dialog windows. This approach is used in Sport Club Manager, Ethea's own sport club business application:

Custom interface

For those with peculiar special needs, completely customized user interfaces are possible. This flexibility allows for more intuitive and easy to use applications like Basket Scouting, which can be used through the keyboard, mouse or touch-screen:

Ethea uses these Technnologies
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