Consulting on Delphi development

Quality is guaranteed

Ethea, thanks to its ten-years experience in designing and developing applications, is a well established reality in Delphi consulting in Italy, and it's now looking at the international market.

The quality of Ethea's consulting services is guaranteed by the team members, very well know in the Delphi italian community.


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Ethea can organize training courses and events based on a company's specific needs. Every Delphi programming topic can be selected, both basic and advanced (from technologies like ActionLists, Frames, Docking, to methodologies like Design Patterns and Business Objects), BDE (Paradox and dBase), dbExpress, SQL databases,, InstantObjcts... consultancy

Ethea develops Delphi applications that interface smoothly with and LibreOffice. We provide know-how and specific components to integrate and LibreOffice technology in existing Delphi applications.

InstantObjects and InstantSolutions

Ethea is leader in Italy (and not only in Italy) when it comes to business object-based Delphi applications, based on the Open Source Object Persistence Framework InstantObjects.

We provide our clients with know-how, consultancy and specific components to integrate the InstantObjects technology in their applications.

Furthermore, we provide a higher-level framework called InstantSolutions that helps people develop robust business applications in a snap.

InstantBDExpress: from the BDE to dbExpress

Ethea has developed InstantBDExpress, a blend of consulting services and software components to ease porting a BDE-based database application to dbExpress (DBX), Borland's cross-database and cross-platform data access technology.

Kitto for the Web

Ethea has developed Kitto, a tool for data-driven web application Development. It allows to create Rich Internet Applications based on a data model that can be mapped onto any database.

Ethea uses these Technnologies