Welcome, CodeRage 2012 attendees

We love Delphi and we are excited about what's happening around it lately, including the CodeRage virtual conference.

This year we would like to introduce Kitto , our young but growing web development framework made with Delphi.

  • Kitto is open source. Learn everything about it on the project's google code site .
  • Want a short summary instead? Look here .
  • If you want to play with a few online demo applications made with Kitto, please use one of the following links:
    1. Hello Kitto  (when asked for a password, just type "password" )
    2. TasKitto (when asked for a password, just type "password" )

Beyond the open source project, we are also building additional tools and components for Kitto, such as the forthcoming Kide development environment. Here is a preview:

If you are interested in keeping up to date with everything Kitto, please either contact us or follow Kitto's own blog .

Enjoy Kitto, enjoy CodeRage and see you soon!

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