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Kide editor - Help guide
A tool for developing Kitto applications

Welcome to Kide editor Help guide
KIDE is a tool to ease and speed up the development of Kitto applications. 
In this IDE you can use GUI wizards, automatic syntax checking and verification, database reverse engineering, special advanced editors, and so on.
It is available only through the commercial license of Kitto Enterprise.

What is Kitto?
Kitto  is a development tool to create data-driven RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) withAjax features and a MVC structure. Project files are written using the Yaml notation, while the engine is fully developed in Delphi by Ethea and is fully extensible. Applications created with Kitto work with all databases supported by Delphi through ADO or DBExpress or FireDAC. The user interface is made with the ExtJS library.
Visit to find more information about Kitto.

Trial Version
You can use the product for a trial period of 90 days!

Product registration and activation
Goto section product registration.

First Use
To learn how the program works, read the Kide user's guide section.

System Requirements
the program is compatible with all of 32-bit Windows versions. It requires only 30MB of disk space.


Kide editor is an Ethea's product.